The Death of the Sunday Drive?

Posted by on September 8, 2008

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to post up this topic.  The Sunday Drive.  I mean, is that something that’s already history, gone, toast, and I’m just catching up?  Or is it still happening?  The idea of just hopping into the car and driving, with no particular place to go, does that still happen for you or your family?  If it is gone, killed by high gas, computers and our crazy, caffeine-fueled ideas of modern life, then we’ve lost, I think, our capacity to slow down and just see the sights.  You know it wasn’t always this way…..


Filmed by the Handy Jam organization in partnership with Chevrolet, these series of films celebrate driving and the places in our country that have become classic “Americana”.  While no doubt, these were produced to promote Chevrolet vehicles, today we can view them as version of our nation that no longer exists.  A vision of America with no worries, flush with cash and the industrial might resulting from ultimate victory in World War II.


Yet these films celebrate a simpler way of viewing life and the pursuit of happiness.  Yes, they are advertising, but doesn’t advertising somewhat reflect the popular culture of the time to some extent?


You know, maybe I’m a helpless romantic and am viewing these films for more than what they are today or maybe were ever intended to be.  I suppose that’s up to everyone to interpret, but I can tell you this: if you view the films, you will see the past….the part that makes me like history…..


I’ve assembled some links below, both the producers, Chevrolet and the Internet Archive which hosts these films, and some other external sites.  Take a look, download and enjoy!

Have a great day!  See you tomorrow!


Roads To Romance.  (includes Coral Gables Fl)

Roads To Romance. (Oak Creek Canyon AZ)

Roads To Romance. (Land of the Giant Cactus)

Motoramic Chevrolet (my old blog)

Bray Productions

General Motors Films

Post-War Hopes and Dreams


(1-4) Internet Archive.  Search for “Roads To Romance”

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