Pedal To The Metal! Who was Joie Chitwood?

Posted by on August 9, 2008

You know, I love to drive!

Even with the gas being as expensive as it is, I can’t help but sometimes just grabbing the keys and hitting the road.  Even when I’m not driving, I’m usually reading about it:  Motor Trend, Car & Driver, Jalopnik, etc.

So I was pleasantly suprised the other day on the Internet Archive to find some great movies and information on Joie Chitwood.  The movie is fabulous!  It’s got old Chevrolets and an early-to-mid Fifties audience.  Its appeal is timeless, so don’t forget to check the links below if you have a moment.


With a history and experience dating back to the Forties, Joie Chitwood and his Auto Thrill show packed ’em in.


In partnership with Chevrolet as the sponsor, they toured the United States, extolling both Chevrolet and the “automotive mayhem” that seemingly happened during the shows.



From my research for this post, it seems the family, in one form or the other, are still involved in the automotive world.  From the “Chevy Thunder Show” to the working with the Indy racing scene, they maintain a interest and a love of the automotive sport.


The pictures today come from the movie I found on the Internet Archive, but I’ve also found some great articles that I mention below.  Take a few minutes if you can and check ’em out!

Have a great day!


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Wikipedia: Joie Chitwood entry

“Joie Chitwood’sIndianapolis Thrill Show” (external site)

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