My lawn is dead, but lotsa blog topics are on the way! Stay tuned!

Posted by on August 2, 2008

Dear readers,

I am still here!  My lawn is dead, but I have so many great history blog topics that I cannot wait to share.  I apologize for the lack of postings, but with summer vacation and camps with the kids, it’s been a pretty busy summer.  Nevertheless, I will be posting up soon with some great new topics, including:

William Levitt (remember him?)

The Rouge!


Beverly Hills Supper Club fire

Operation Sandy ( this is a good one!)

and a post I’m almost finishing up:

Joie Chitwood and his Auto Thrill show!

So stay tuned!  I am also working on bringing the podcasts back online with new content and I would love to do some downloadable puzzles that you could print off and take with you!

Today, I also want to mention that I just came back from visiting San Diego for the first time and it was great!

From the Midway museum to the various military installations as well as the Zoo, it was really neat and I’ve found good material for the blog.

Anybody here from San Diego?  I also had my first In-N-Out burger!  Wow!  I could eat those all day long!  I wish we had those where we live!

I’ve got to go for today, but I will leave you with some new stuff I just found last night.  The Library of Congress has recently added a TON of material to their Chronicling America site.  These are primary resources (newspapers) that for the historian have some good stories that are just waiting to be shared!

Don’t forget if you need to contact me or just want to see a particular topic, you can contact me via the information page.

Talk to you soon!

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