A Corona, a Discoverer, and the Battle with the Bear!

Posted by on August 15, 2008

Hi all,

Real quick, I wanted to post up a great topic I’ve been searching, with the promise of more to come!  School will be starting once again and I will be able to post up a bit more regularly.


With the emergence of the Russian Bear this week, the Cold War is seemingly starting up once again.  I was reading the NYTimes the other day and some other resources which seemed to say that the US lacks the intelligence assets to accurately track what exactly is going on “on the ground” in Georgia at this time.

While I’m certainly not privy to any classified information that is current, we can look back to August 1960 and see a seemingly similar trend faced by the Western powers and in particularly, the United States.

The military industrial complex was in full speed, the ICBM race was on and the US was trying a new series of satellites known as Discoverer.


Today, we know now that was a cover (to some extent) for a dark series of missions called Corona.

Stay tuned!

(1) Source link: Internet Archive (http://www.archive.org/details/1960-08-15_space_triumph)

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