The Middle Eastern Crisis: Action, Inaction and Fallout!

Posted by on July 18, 2008

With the failure of diplomacy, the western nations of Britain, France and Israel moved quickly on the issue of the Suez Canal.  Israel moved its forces quickly into Egypt, while in Europe, both Britain and France geared up for the coming conflict and moved warships, troops and aircraft into striking positions.


Raiding equipment stores and calling up troops, mothballed equipment from World War II soon began the journey over the seas.


With Israel’s quick decisive victories over Egypt on the Sinai peninsula, both Britain and France moved against their first target, Port Said.




The United States was not involved militarily in the attacks and the mood was seemingly angry within the Eisenhower administration.  The UN was finally called in and by early to middle November, the actual physical battles had largely ceased, the political situation(s) were beginning to heat up.


Although militarily a success, the Suez canal crisis exposed two major faults amid a sea of change.  The first was that the Allies were not always together.  With America pushed to the side, even though offering data from the U-2 overflights, both Britain and France, along with Israel, seemed to disregard the new state of leadership on the world stage with the rise of United States influence following World War II. The second fault we see is the faltering of the British, and the weakness of their position following World War II. Their financial situation and sphere of influence continued to weaken following this incident.

Lastly, there was much concern over the war spreading, because following the initial incidents, the Soviet Union took a stand on the side of the Egyptians.

I’ve assembled some links below to some more information.  This post can only begin to talk about or even touch one of the first Middle Eastern conflicts.  Take a look if you have a moment.

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