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Today is the day we stop a moment and think about June 6th, 1944. Don’t think about the yard, or the politicians, or your boss. Think about your brother, your cousin, your ma, your sister, your family. Because of the sacrifices given so long ago…you have today. Take a few minutes and pray or take a moment of silence, whatever your belief and remember those who didn’t come home……..


Ernie Pyle, America’s trusted friend, had this to say:

“…Submerged tanks and overturned boats and burned trucks and shell-shattered jeeps and sad little personal belongings were strewn all over these bitter sands. That plus the bodies of soldiers lying in rows covered with blankets, the toes of their shoes sticking up in a line as though on drill. And other bodies, uncollected, still sprawling grotesquely in the sand or half hidden by the high grass beyond the beach.

That plus an intense, grim determination of work-weary men to get this chaotic beach organized and get all the vital supplies and the reinforcements moving more rapidly over it from the stacked-up ships standing in droves out to sea.

Now that it is over it seems to me a pure miracle that we ever took the beach at all. For some of our units it was easy, but in this special sector where I am now our troops faced such odds that our getting ashore was like my whipping Joe Louis down to a pulp.

In this column I want to tell you what the opening of the second front in this one sector entailed, so that you can know and appreciate and forever be humbly grateful to those both dead and alive who did it for you.

Ashore, facing us, were more enemy troops than we had in our assault waves…”

(Source: Ernie Pyle’s Wartime Columns (Normandy)

I’ve assembled some links below to information on the invasion. Some you may know about, others you may not. Please take a few minutes and look through them if you get a chance…..

Have a great day!



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