Tries, Spies, and Lies: The Art of Deception and the Invasion of Sicily!

Posted by on May 25, 2008


Hello Dear Readers!

It’s been another crazy weekend here with the family and activities, so I didn’t get to post up my newest topic yet, but rest assured, it’s gonna be good!  I’ve got about half the research done, and I keep turning up new facts.

Involving the invasion of Sicily during  World War II, there was quite a bit of deception going on, that actually worked.  The method of operation, though highly unusual and novel, WORKED!!!  In fact, this would cause a massive shift of German defensives from Sicily to other parts of Europe.


I should have the post up Monday, so stick around and find out about the body that washed up on shore and changed the outcome of the campaign….hint:  It was a lie!

See you soon!  Have a great weekend!



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