Miami Beach! The Story of Carl Fisher, Kotaro Suto and “Fun In The Sun!”

Posted by on May 30, 2008

Hello and hope your Friday is going well! I apologize for not posting up yet again yesterday, but around here it’s the last week of school and there has been a lot planned! The start of summer makes for a busy schedule!


The more research I do in history, the more I come across that is lost! The big topics will be here, and future generations will know about them in a hazy, textbook sort of way. But what is lost is the experience, the stories, the snapshot of everyday life be it good or bad. This can be seen with the popularity of books such as the Greatest Generation and others.

With that in mind, I was reading the Reader’s Digest for June 1954 the other night and stumbled across an interesting story on a Japanese immigrant named Kotaro Suto. In particular, his work in transforming Miami Beach from a sandy desolation to a tropical paradise!


A man of many talents, one of his best was gardening, and according to the Digest, he had a transforming talent in the origins of Miami Beach. Working for the enterprenuer Carl Fisher, who had come up with the idea of Miami Beach, Suto helped make the island as beautiful as it is today.


Says the Digest:

“…When the world famous Lincoln Road was cut across the island he planted its entire length with flowering oleanders….new parks were laid out. Suto took them on as personal projects, donating his plants and landscaping genius to beautify them….” (3)


In researching Mr Suto, it seems he devoted much of his life to care of Miami Beach, planting many flowers, trees and shrubs as wel as maintaining a successful business. What a great member of the community!


But, I’m also finding about about Miami beach, and that in itself is quite a treat! Check the links to read about Rosie the elephant as well as the casinos! For good reason, it’s been assigned the label, “The playground of the America’s. At least traveling to Miami Beach this way doesn’t cost gas money! 🙂

Have a great Friday, see you tomorrow!


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