Hustle Baby, Hustle!!! The Big Bomb Gone!

Posted by on May 5, 2008

Yeah, it’s a wacky title, but considering today’s subject, it seemed appropriate! What I’m talking about is this:


One of the fastest bombers in the United States Air Force inventory, the B-58 Hustler was truly a remarkable aircraft and a break away from the lumbering B-36 and B-52. Capable of Mach 1+ flight, the bomber was designed with a nuclear payload in mind. Standard payload in the beginning was a single weapon, but later in its service life, additional weapons could be carried on the wings.


Said Time Magazine:

“…U.S. airmen hung up another speed record last week when an Air Force four-jet B58 Hustler bomber reached Paris exactly 3 hr. 19 min. 41 sec. after passing over Roosevelt Field, L.I. (now a shopping center), where Charles Augustus Lindbergh started his famed solo transatlantic flight 34 years ago. The Hustler’s speed (average: 1,050 m.p.h.) was nearly ten times as fast as Lindbergh’s…”(3)

Another impressive feature about this aircraft was the safety mechanisms for the crew. Instead of individual ejection seats, the the aircraft was designed around a “pod” mechanism.


The aircraft however, wasn’t perfect. Being fast cost gas and range was a limiting factor. Never seeing combat, the aircraft served an important function for the time it was in service.

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