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Posted by on May 16, 2008

As one of the world’s largest companies and probably one of the best known, I was really shocked to find out General Electrics announcement of the intent to sell their appliances unit. Times change, and company forcasts and outlooks also change, so I can’t really fault them for wanting to go in a different direction. It just seems to me that General Electric IS appliances! My house is full of their appliances.

It seems GE wants to be more technological in what they produce and sell. Were they always this way? Yes and no….in doing research, I’ve found out they have always had a big hand in military developement via their jet engine unit as well as electronics, including the ERMA system, but even with that, they’ve always been interested in the consumer appliance market.

Being a pioneer in the appliance field, General Electric has been responsible for a host of technological changes over the years. In fact, they have been involved with and worked on innovations like:



and a host of other appliances and everyday items, such as: light bulbs, flying suits, electric blankets, toasters, and other items. As a celebration of all the productions the company has worked on, I thought you would enjoy the following video. It’s from and is a classic 1950’s commercial on the General Electric refrigerator.


In any event, this company has had tremendous impact on America and American history through the creation and development of common everyday appliances and innovations. In the age of profit, let’s not forget this. Appliances may not be hot, but everybody sure needs them! Oh yeah, by the way, did you know they invented Silly Putty? 🙂 🙂 My kids like that one a lot!

I’ve got some interesting links today, if you have a minute, check them out and explore for a bit.

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