The Queen, The General and Pyle: A Backwards Look at the Jeep

Posted by on April 23, 2008

With over 650,000 produced during World War II and countless thousands since, the Jeep, or GP, or GPW is a familiar and adored sight to many around the world.


First manufactured as a “workhorse” vehicle during World War II, over the last 60 years there have been many companies involved, including: Ford, Willys, Kaiser, American Motors, and Chrysler. There have, and continue to be, many civilian versions as well.


But what is it about the Jeep that makes it so very popular? Could it be the rugged construction? How about the many ways a Jeep can be used? Take a look at this photo:


With solid axles front and rear, four wheel drive and an almost “unstickable” approach to offroad driving, it is truly an amazing vehicle. In the book, Logistics of War, we see:

“…There were uncounted uses for the Jeep….The Jeep could easily carry four people and five or more could be carried if seating demanded..was frequently used for other purposes….machine gun platform….radio command post….” (pg. 282-283)


Celebrities loved the Jeep as well. Here is Cronkite:


Here is Mickey Rooney on a Jeep tour of the front lines during World War II:


Other famous folks that have ridden in Jeeps include Queen Elizabeth, Churchill, and Pyle.

Sigh…now I want a Jeep! Try the links below for some great information on this little car…and its many variations.

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