So, What Do You Want?

Posted by on April 28, 2008

Dear Readers!

Just wanted to let you know that I will have today’s regular post up later tonight.  I actually started it early this morning, but our family is a bit under the weather today, so I’ve spent the day going all over the place, trying to get everyone better!

Please check in later tonight and I will have today’s post up…it’s really neat as it concerns this ship:

(Source: U.S. Maritime Administration)

In the meantime, down in the labs here, I’ve been tinkering with the ideas of having a monthly newsletter, similar to the blog, however, going in more depth with the issues.  I’ve also been thinking about adding a puzzle or two as well.  If you would interested in this, please let me know, by going to the Who I Am page on the right.  There is contact information there or you can always leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

I will have the new post up later tonight so please check back in.  Also, if you have any friends that might like this blog, forward the link to them.  History can be fun!

Many thanks again for your patience and your readership!!!


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