One, Two, Three: Is it Technicolor We See?

Posted by on April 22, 2008


Although probably known more for his movie star good lucks and charisma, Clark Gable’s Combat America was a remarkable film because of the use of the process known as Technicolor. No longer living in just black and white, the use of color makes radical changes in approaches to this film and film perceptions.

Well, I’m no film critic, but I thought a quick glimpse into the history of Technicolor would be worth a few minutes of exploration.  With different versions of Technicolor used in various films, it’s actually an interesting story.

Bursting onto the movie scene in 1917 in the film The Gulf Between, the original Technicolor used two colors: red and green via filters, with the actual film still being shot in black and white.


In the film, Technicolor for Industrial Films, the announcer shows dramatically to filmgoers of the time, the radical changes brought about by the process of color.  First he show us this:


Then the announcer “turns on” the Technicolor:


I’ve assembled some pretty good links today, I think you will find them quite informative.  The added bonus is the film available through  One of the Prelinger films, it is really neat to watch!

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(2-4) Technicolor for Industrial Films

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