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Posted by on April 14, 2008

I was looking around this weekend and stumbled across a absolutely fabulous site, archive, and museum about two of my favorite topics: Cartoons and History!

The site I found was this:



A project of ASIFA-Hollywood , the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive is a virtual treasure-chest of animation from America’s love affair with cartoons. With thousands of images and films, the cartoon lover will feel right at home.

The mission, however, of the archive, is not only to house and display the cartoons themselves, neat as they are. According to the Archive:

“…The ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive isn’t just an archive OF animation… it’s an archive FOR animators. There’s a subtle but important distinction there… One of the aspects of modern animation that could stand improvement is design.…”(2)

As an example, the archive posts exactly how and why the cartoons are made.



The archive also tells the story about many of the famous cartoonists and illustrators of these golden years. One of my favorites is Tex Avery. Here we see one of his famous works on YouTube: Doggone Tired.



I’ve assembled some links to the archive below as well as the linked organization, ASIFA-Hollywood: The International Animated Film Society. For you Disney fans out there, you can always refer to one of my previous posts on my old blogger blog, in which I profiled Disney during World War II and Vintage Disney. These posts also talked about another great site: Gorillas Don’t Blog .

Have a great day, see you tomorrow!


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(1) ASIFA Banner (courtesy ASIFA)

(2)ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive

(3)ASIFA Image (courtesy ASIFA-used with permission)

(4)Doggone Tired (Matinee At The Bijou/YouTube post)



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