It’s a Command Performance!

Posted by on April 10, 2008

Besides keeping the troops in beans and bullets during World War II, the government realized that entertainment would go a long way in improving morale. Helping to fit these needs, Command Performance offered a great opportunity both for the entertainment of the troops as well as for the Hollywood stars to get a “captive” audience.



So what was this “Command Performance”?

Basically, using the top technology, and established by the Armed Forces Radio Service, Command Performance was a radio show containing the top entertainment of the times, including such performers as:

Betty Hutton



Bob Hope



and scores of others….like this guy:

Der BingleĀ 



According to This is the American Forces Network: The Anglo-American Battle of the Airwaves in World War II by Patrick Morley, the show was put together by scriptwriter Glenn Wheaton and included comedy segements, skits, popular music as well as requests taken from soldiers in the field. Other segments included familiar sounds from home, including (check the link below) steak on a grill for the hungry soldiers in the field. One of the more unique aspects of the show was that the performers entertained for free.


Take a minute and check out the links below. The movie is particularly excellent and that is where I was able to get some screen shots as outlined above.


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Army Navy Screen Magazine

Google Books: This is the Armed Forces…



(1-3)Army-Navy Screen Magazine (

(4) Nara





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