Bulletproof! The man called “Teddy”

Posted by on April 7, 2008

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Probably known best for the statement, “Speak softly and carry a big stick”, Theodore Roosevelt is one of our best known and charismatic presidents.




A war leader, revolutionary (my definition), trust-buster, and perfect for his time in history, he was also known for his high-energy, enthusiastic approach to life.



But it was not always this way, as he overcame serious health issues as a child.  In his book, The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, Edmund Morris says:

“…Yet Teedie’s health was as bad as ever: he was never well for more than ten days at a time….” (pg. 49) (3)

As he grew up, Theodore’s health improved greatly and he became quite an advocate of vigorous exercise throughout his life.

But beyond this, he was a police commissioner, rancher, cowboy (to some extent), soldier, adventurer (the original Indiana Jones in my book), and president.



In the little adventure in Cuba in 1898, he was loved by his men, known as the Rough Riders and participated in various battles, perhaps the best of which was the charge up Kettle Hill. Of the time in Cuba, Roosevelt, in his work The Rough Riders says:

“…when I leaped over the fence again…the men of the various regiments which were already on the hill came with a rush, and we started across the wide valley…” (5)

He was awarded the Medal of Honor, posthumously in 2001 for his military service in Cuba. The only president to have this honor!

Did I mention about the time he was speaking at an outdoor event and was shot by a assassin? Guess what? He took the bullet and kept on talking!!!!

Did I mention he was responsible for the toy teddy bear? Here’s the link.

There are some good links below, so take a few minutes and I hope you enjoy reading more about one of our greatest presidents.

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Wikipedia: Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt Association

Project Gutenberg: Theodore Roosevelt

Wikipedia: “Big Stick Diplomacy”


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