The Decline, the Crash, and Working from the Bottom Up! 1930–Refocused!

Posted by on March 19, 2008

Here in the United States, the economic mood is quite gloomy. The media is all awash with cautionary tales of woe and gloom and doom. I even hesitate to look at the newspaper anymore.

All of which started me thinking about the Depression in the 1930’s. What was their outlook? What was on everyone’s mind. So, let’s go back to 1930, in particular, the first part of the year. What can we find in those opening days after the crash?



While there is no doubt economic conditions were bad and getting worse, there were some good things happening as well. I think it’s easy to look at the pictures from the era and think doom and gloom, much like today, however, life continued to go on and people lived their lives.

For example, in January 1930, 3M released Scotch Tape for the first time, while in April of the same year, the Twinkie was invented.



Says Wikipedia of the Twinkie:

“The Twinkie was invented on April 6, 1930 by bakery manager James Dewar, making thrifty use of shortcake pans that were used only during the strawberry season…”


In other news, Prohibition continued in the country as well, though only a few years away from repeal.




I’ve only begun to touch on the year of 1930, so if you have a few moments, might want to try the links below. It’s nice to know there was more to the year than bad economics…it give me hope for today as well.

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