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Posters, Stamps and a LOT more!


Stamps_BlogWent to the post office today and found this sheet of stamps for sale.  I’ve been a long-time stamp collector, unofficially, and am a sucker for American history stamps.  I couldn’t help but grab them.

If you’re into circus stuff, you can find more information about this particular set of stamps at a great USPS site located here.  Here’s another link as well.  Overall, it’s pretty neat!

However, if you’re really into circus and circus history, I’ve been digging around the Internet this morning.  Here’s some good links:







This is a pretty neat topic so check out the links and give ‘em a whirl!

Proudly_HailedAmerican Panic








This month, I’m also hoping to get some new book reviews up.  I’ve gotten two titles that the publishers have sent me for review.  One is American Panic by Mark Stein and the other is What So Proudly We Hailed by Marc Leepson.  These both look pretty good, so stay tuned for my thoughts here in a week or so!